Should I Invest in a Rental Property?

The phrase “passive income” refers to income in which the earner is not actively involved. Sounds too good to be true, right? Royalties, dividend stocks, and rents are some examples of revenue streams that, while requiring time and hard work to build initially, are able to maintain themselves without much continuing effort on the owner’sContinue reading “Should I Invest in a Rental Property?”

Is Flipping Houses Right for You?

Do you enjoy watching renovation shows on HGTV? Seeing the neighborhood eyesore turned into someone’s dream home? Ever contemplate trying a rehab yourself? With many busy buyers looking for ready-to-move-in (“turnkey”) homes, there is a market for purchasing and renovating dated, neglected, or damaged houses for resale. Flipping an asset refers to the purchase ofContinue reading “Is Flipping Houses Right for You?”