“Bigger is Better” or “Less is More”?

Apparently, we Americans like our houses big. According to the United States Census Bureau, the median size of a single-family house completed in 2020 was 2,261 square feet. That is more than twice the size of the homes in most European countries. So, is bigger better, or is less more? Let’s take a looks atContinue reading ““Bigger is Better” or “Less is More”?”

The Current Orange County Housing Market

House prices have climbed statewide consecutively for many months now, leaving Californians wondering, “How high will the market go?” But like the recent scorching heat waves of summer, there are faint signs of cooling down in the near future.   According to Redfin.com, home prices in Orange County are 18.6% percent higher than they wereContinue reading “The Current Orange County Housing Market”

Home Styles Come in Every Variety

When we think of architecture and styles of housing, we usually think solely of aesthetics, how something looks, and whether or not we appreciate that look. However, the style of a house has much more to offer us than a backdrop for our décor. Southern California has a wonderful mix of residential architecture styles inContinue reading “Home Styles Come in Every Variety”

Should I Invest in a Rental Property?

The phrase “passive income” refers to income in which the earner is not actively involved. Sounds too good to be true, right? Royalties, dividend stocks, and rents are some examples of revenue streams that, while requiring time and hard work to build initially, are able to maintain themselves without much continuing effort on the owner’sContinue reading “Should I Invest in a Rental Property?”

Is Flipping Houses Right for You?

Do you enjoy watching renovation shows on HGTV? Seeing the neighborhood eyesore turned into someone’s dream home? Ever contemplate trying a rehab yourself? With many busy buyers looking for ready-to-move-in (“turnkey”) homes, there is a market for purchasing and renovating dated, neglected, or damaged houses for resale. Flipping an asset refers to the purchase ofContinue reading “Is Flipping Houses Right for You?”

An Impressive New Neighborhood

A breathtaking new community is opening up in just a few months in pristine Lake Forest, California. It’s called The Meadows and it has everything you could hope for in terms of amenities, location, structure, and ambience. It’s a really exciting opportunity for anyone looking for a remarkable home in an impressive locale. Modern LuxuryContinue reading “An Impressive New Neighborhood”

Thinking About Becoming a Real Estate Agent?

Real estate is a fun yet challenging way to earn a living—but it’s not right for everyone! Many factors go into determining whether you will find success and enjoyment as an agent, and it’s a good idea to weigh all the pros and cons before jumping in. If you’re considering a career change or sideContinue reading “Thinking About Becoming a Real Estate Agent?”

Bring Your Style into the Outdoors

Gone are the days when luxury landscaping centered around showing off acres of seamless lawns. Today’s homeowners instead are making the most of their yards by focusing on features and spaces that are functional, sustainable, and inviting. What’s more, they’re not afraid to put their signature style on the outdoor aesthetic of their homes. AvoidingContinue reading “Bring Your Style into the Outdoors”

Making the Most of Large Spaces

There is a subtle yet unmistakable opulence that a large room has the ability to impress upon anyone who enters. A tastefully furnished and designed great room can simply take your breath away. In olden days, a cavernous dining hall or vast banquet room with a massive hearth whispered to visitors an unspoken message ofContinue reading “Making the Most of Large Spaces”

Why Irvine Is the Community of Your Dreams

Homeownership is a big commitment, and establishing a home requires many decisions—few of them easy to make. If you are looking for a long-term home, or planning to raise a young family, these decisions can weigh particularly heavy. Things like location, school districts, and area safety are extremely important in finding a home.  What is the best location to settleContinue reading “Why Irvine Is the Community of Your Dreams”