Why Irvine Is the Community of Your Dreams

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Homeownership is a big commitment, and establishing a home requires many decisions—few of them easy to make. If you are looking for a long-term home, or planning to raise a young family, these decisions can weigh particularly heavy. Things like location, school districts, and area safety are extremely important in finding a home. 

What is the best location to settle in? While there’s no perfect neighborhood, Irvine certainly comes close.

Irvine is a jewel along the SoCal coast. In fact, the city was originally laid out as a necklace with the residential neighborhoods, or villages, as they are called, strung along two parallel main streets ending with the University of California Irvine as its pendant. Initially designed and built in the 1960s, this Orange County city, masterfully planned by the Irvine Company, has grown to encompasses over sixty square miles including two commercial districts, the Irvine Business Complex to the west and the Irvine Spectrum to the east. Its landscaped streets and numerous bicycle corridors, greenbelts, parks, and ecological preserves add to this city’s beauty and quality of life.

Irvine Village Woodbridge Lake

Among the many accolades and awards the city has received over the years, in 2019, Irvine was named the 2nd happiest city in America by BusinessInsider, #18 best place to live by Money magazine, and the #1 Safest City in California by personal finance website WalletHub.

Here are just a few things Irvine has to offer.

Family Friendly 

Family friendly Irvine

Irvine has repeatedly been named among SoCal’s safest, happiest, and healthiest cities. The clean, safe, and attractive environment draws families to the area. Access and walkability to a ton of family-centered locations and activities is what keeps them there. Families benefit most from Irvine’s:

  • Schools – Irvine has an exemplary reputation for its fantastic schools, all the way from preschool through college. From academics to music and fine arts to science and technology, the city’s schools are unparalleled. The Irvine Unified School District boasts some of the highest ranking schools throughout the county in terms of performance, and the University of California at Irvine (UCI) is one of the nation’s foremost state universities.
  • Parks – When the Irvine Company designed the city, they placed great importance on the preservation of outdoor space and conservation of wildlife. More than 57,000 acres are protected, allowing for walking trails, parks, and plenty of opportunities for families to explore, discover, and get exercise.
  • Shopping Centers – With movie theaters, department stores, coffee houses, diverse eateries, and boutique shops, both the Irvine Spectrum Center and Fashion Island offer the best in dining, entertainment, and shopping.

Things to Do 

The Irvine community offers plenty of ways to stay active and entertained. Museums, theaters, and festivals, and recreational parks offer opportunities for both learning and fun.  The Orange County Great Park is an innovative public space that acts as a hub for community and recreation, with 450 acres of park space completed, and 230 more in progress. It offers workshops, exhibitions, picnic areas, and sports fields of every kind.

Location and Weather

Irvine weather sunny sky seagull

Minutes from world-renowned California beaches, Irvine enjoys the temperate and sought after climate that makes SoCal the envy of the nation. (Rarely ever dipping below 40 or climbing above 90, the yearly average high is a perfect 73 degrees!) Irvine residents frequently take day trips to the mountains for skiing, the dessert for jeeping, the scenic drive along Pacific Coast Highway, or all the trappings of celebrated cities such as Los Angeles and San Diego. There’s simply too much to do within the radius of the city’s reach.   

The Villages

Google maps Irvine villages
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With several different locations throughout the city, the Villages of Irvine offers several options to find a location that’s right for you and your family. These masterfully planned communities are specifically designed for families like yours to enjoy for a lifetime, providing an excellent environment for growth in a clean, safe, and rich space. The unique topography, the eye-catching neighborhoods, and the extraordinary character of the this distinct and attractive location are what make Irvine the community that so many dream of!

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