Must-Have Rooms for Any Luxury Home

Large bathroom with shower

Ample square footage and abundant acreage alone do not make a house a luxury home. Nor does mere opulence without function. When it comes to having the very best that money can buy, one must consider both comfort and splendor. The following rooms provide both form and function, style and satisfaction, and are must-haves for any modern luxury home or mansion.  

A Professional Grade Kitchen

Today’s homeowner needs a kitchen grand enough to entertain in, but functional enough to satisfy any foodie. Luxury kitchens must have top-quality appliances such as an induction cooking range, a capacious built-in fridge, a whisper-quiet dishwasher, and an expansive well-supplied pantry. As parties often center around the kitchen, it should be spacious enough to entertain, with plenty of open area and seating near at hand. And of course, deep farm sinks, luxurious backsplashes, and bright and tasteful cabinetry all go without saying.

Luxury kitchen

Entertainment Room

Whether it’s pool tables, arcade games, movie theater seating, dart boards, a music station, wet bar, poker set-up, or all of the above, your game/entertainment room should attract a wide array of guests to let down their hair and try their hand at something fun. Get creative, and think about rotating some of the games and amenities every six months or so, storing the unused items in a garage or closet. While there should be tons of fun surprises and diversions, keep the cards, board games, snacks, consoles, and game equipment from cluttering the space by ensuring you have lots of tasteful storage.  

Game Room Entertainment Room Pool Table

Exercise Room

Fitness is king in today’s world, but who wants to sweat it out at the gym when you can stay in shape using your own equipment? A well-designed workout room has lots of space, machinery, and supplies, a killer sound system, mirrors, lighting, and good ventilation/AC. Your fitness room should be so inviting, you actually look forward to working out!

Workout Exercise Room

Spa-Quality Bathrooms

With deep colors and profound textures, a proper bathroom should have lots of room, natural light, and ventilation, without forgoing privacy. Multiple sinks with the trendiest hardware, immaculate showers with rain systems and/or dual heads, and plenty of storage space for toiletries and supplies are essential for a top-quality bathroom as well. Want to go uber-luxurious? After a satisfying workout, a built-in sauna will have you feeling like you’re at a holiday resort.

Spa Quality Bathroom Modern Bathroom

Dressing Room

For true luxury, a walk-in closet is simply not enough. Upgrade your closet to a full dressing room, with plenty of floor space for ottoman seating, full length mirrors, and a storage/cabinetry scheme to die for. Hats, purses, watches and jewelry, scarves, ties, and—of course—lots of shoes should all have their own space, with everything either visible or accessible for quick perusal and selection.

Dressing Room Walk-In Closet Ottoman Seating

It’s all about the amenities! Regardless of your taste and style when it comes to décor and design, when you make comfort, quality, and luxury your top priorities, you’ll find that the choices you make will not only improve your lifestyle, but the value of your home as well.

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