7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

House with lights turned on

First impressions matter! If you are selling your home, potential buyers’ initial thoughts will likely be formed when they first see the outside of the house, whether in person or online. Make your home stand out among the competition! There are lots of easy ways to increase your curb appeal without the hassle of a full paint job or remodel. Here are a just a few simple things you can do yourself to spruce up your home’s appearance.

1. Wash the Front of Your House

Your garden hose should be sufficient for this task. Set the nozzle of your hose to its strongest setting and spray down your doors, windows, stucco or siding, driveway, and walkways with water. You’ll be surprised by what removing a layer of dirt can do for your house’s appearance!

Garden hose to spray wash house

2. Clean the Windows

Wash any front-facing windows inside and out. A film of dust on the windows can be easy to overlook, but once it’s removed it, it makes a considerable difference. Sparkling clean windows will not only help to improve your home’s appearance from the outside, but it will prove helpful when your buyer decides to tour the inside. Clean windows let in more light and reduce the perceived separation between outdoor and indoor spaces.

clean kitchen window

3. Cut Back on Shrubs

Just like with people, a well-trimmed appearance attracts attention and invites a second look, so give your landscaping a haircut! Trim back any overgrown shrubbery or tree limbs that could obstruct a clear view of your doorway or windows. Weed and tidy garden beds and walkways for a neater look. Then lay down a few inches of mulch to keep those cleaned-up beds free from weeds.

4. Draw Attention to Your Front Door  

Drawing attention to the door gives the curbside view of your home a warm and inviting focal point. You can draw the eye to your front stoop by displaying the numbers of your address, flanking the door with potted plants or flowers, hanging a tasteful wreath or a door knocker, or giving the door a fresh coat of paint in a contrasting color to set it off against the rest of the house. Check out these 13 Door Décor Ideas for inspiration.

5. Dress Up Your Lawn

Another way to grab the attention of your neighbors or potential buyers, and simultaneously reduce lawncare needs, is to remove a bit of lawn for an outdoor seating area. Lay down some gravel or stone and set out a garden bench or bistro set. In hot climates, install a simple rock garden or succulent garden; these are trendy and attractive options for homeowners in places of drought. For more outdoor seating inspiration, check out this Pinterest board.

gravel patio chairs

6. Tidy Up the Extras

Replacing or spray painting outdated light fixtures will go a long way in sprucing up the overall look of your home, as will cleaning or freshening up the painted trim for an added pop. Hide trashcans from view with a screen or foliage, and think about where and how many vehicles you have parked in front of the house.  

tidy home outside immaculate lawn

7. De-personalize

You want your home to appeal to the largest pool of buyers possible. That means you should think about minimizing things that are specific to your personal tastes and lifestyle. Are supporting your favorite sports team or political candidate with a flag, window sticker, or lawn sign? Is your front porch cluttered with your favorite animal statues, garden gnomes, or holiday knick-knacks? Is there evidence on your lawn that kids have been at play? We all have personal styles and preferences, but when selling your house, box that stuff up to display at your next home.

The Big Picture

Stand across the street and look at your house through the eyes of a potential buyer. Is this a home you would want to live in if you were seeing it for the first time? Think about color, cleanliness, and clutter as you scan the house from top to bottom, then get to work implementing one or more of these 7 easy ideas. Your house will be looking like new with any of these simple tricks!

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